Saturday, January 30th from 9 AM – 11 AM on
Register here.

Students will need to join a lichess account and request to join the CCA Team.

NOTE: When requesting to join the team, please state your name, school, and grade.

There will be two sections: Rated and Nonrated. The Rated section only affects your lichess rating, not your USCF rating. Students do not need to have a USCF membership to play.  

On the day of the tournament, log on to the CCA Team Page, pick your section, and start playing at 9 AM. You can join late and leave early if you need to. 

The tournament is for students in grades K – 12. There is no entry fee but no prizes. In addition, we will have coaches on-site to analyze games with students as well as a beginners lesson for students who are new to chess. No charge for these as well.

The Zoom link for game analysis, beginner lesson, and tech support will be sent to the email address on the registration form, so please make sure to register your child.

Please email with any questions.