CCA is excited to offer an online summer camp for students who have just completed grades 1 – 12. The camp will be July 27th – July 31st. We will start at 1 PM and go no later than 5 PM. The camp will be broken up into two groups: grades 1 – 5 and grades 6 – 12

There is a $10 fee for campers in Grades 1-5

While this camp is free/low-cost, if you feel inclined to give, click the button below to donate via paypal:

Camper Registration

Grades 1 – 5: We will be using the ChessKid curriculum. There is a $10 fee to access all of the lessons and activities. 

Grades 6 – 12: We will be using LiChess to do different lessons and activities. There is no fee for this group. 

NOTE: For those parents who have a 1st – 5th grade student but would rather have them use LiChess, that is fine. There is a space on the registration form to indicate this.

The sign-up will be first come/first served. Our cutoff as to the number of students in each group will be based on the number of volunteers we have for the camp. If you are interested in volunteering, please see the link below.

Campers can register using this link:

Volunteer Registration

Adults and students in grades 8 – 12 are eligible to be volunteers: