Dan Carr

DanThe avid chess player of time, Dan Carr has integrated the game of chess for life, although this has not always been the case.  In the sixth grade, his favorite teacher, among encouraging him with other interests, taught his class to play chess, then to become a truly exciting game and one of his favorite games as a youth.  While others have played organized chess regularly throughout school years, Dan progressed in the game through different means.  He played with friends and his dad, though a keen interest developed after being challenged by his grandpa.  His grandpa encouraged him greatly with his interest in the game, sending him resources like “Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess”, “The Chess Player’s  Bible”, and the PC game “Majestic Chess”.  After passing tutorials and various game combinations, playing the computer developed a profound interest in chess that would steadily grow.  Dan stayed off radar, learning and enjoying the game independently with relatively minimal chess involvement until after joining the Ohio State Chess Club into his sophomore year.  Since then, Dan has played more often with players of various levels, and gradually in more settings.  Finally Dan joined the US Chess Federation in his junior year at Ohio State, and has played seasonally in tournaments.  His passion for chess will spread over more engagements and will incorporate a robust community for the game both competitively and scholastically.  He will bring ideas to the Columbus Chess Academy whose central focus is to develop that interest in young students just as he experiences such opportunities for the life time.