St. Charles Winter Middle School/High School Chess Tournament

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Saturday, February 23rd 2019

Sections: Note that all sections have grade level and rating requirements. Players must be registered with before the tournament. CCA is also selling discounted USCF memberships to new members and to students whose membership has expired.

Notation is required and clocks must be used if one or both players provides one. Clocks will be used in all sections with games reaching the time limit. Rated players should bring their own clocks. This tournament has three rated sections only, each open to players in grades 6-12.

Sections                                Time Controls
Open                                        5 rounds G/30, d/5
U1000                                     5 rounds G/30, d/5
U600                                       5 rounds G/30, d/5

8:30 – 8:45 Self-check-in. No section changes after 8:45 AM
8:50 – 8:55 Announcements
9:00 – 10:10 Round 1
10:20 – 11:30 Round 2
11:40 – 12:50 Round 3
12:50 – 1:10 Lunch Break
1:10 – 2:10 Round 4
2:30 – 3:40 Round 5
3:45 – 4:00 Awards
Note: For smaller sections, we may complete rounds on a rolling basis. If this is the case, announcement regarding this decision will be made. Awards will be conducted as sections finish.

Entry Fee: Register at $25 for all online registrations until February 16th at 6 PM ; thereafter $30 registration fee until 6:00 PM February 22nd . Special discount to encourage HS team play: high school teams within a rated section (minimum 3 players) will be charged $40 per team through the February 22nd deadline. To receive this discount, chess coach must send an email or letter to CCA at contact below. Thus, a coach could register 3 students in the Open section and another 4-student team in the U1000 section for a total price of $80 (about $11 per entry). Columbus Chess Academy will
provide free USCF memberships for all new USCF players who join as a team.

Discounted entry fee for students with financial need are available. Please contact for more information. No on-site registrations. USCF discounted membership: $9. Membership provides no printed magazine, but online access to both Chess Life and Chess Life for Kids. Make checks out to: Columbus Chess Academy.

Mail checks to:
Columbus Chess Academy
c/o Katherine Lin
654 Binns Blvd
Columbus OH 43204

Refunds for withdrawals with $5 administrative fee will be given if requested by 6:00 PM, February 23nd . No refunds thereafter.

Awards: Place Trophies awarded based on the number of entrants in each section, participation medals to all new players. Trophies awarded to top 2 teams (school only) in each section. The top three players’ scores combined determine trophy award.

Concessions: Concessions will be available on-site for purchase (cash only)

Check in: Check-in is from 8:30 AM to 8:45 AM. No section changes after 8:45 AM and no on-site entries.

Directions: St. Charles Preparatory School is located at 2010 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43209. Parking is available in any lot on the west side of the high school.

Registration Questions and Chief Tournament Director:
Katherine Lin. Email: Phone: 614-746-7682


Mason Nguyen, U1000,
Aditya Induri, Open,
Vineeth Dondapati, Open,
George Happell, U600,
Rachit Aleti, U1000,
Ian Tong, U1000,
James Marinas, Open,
Evan Schenck-Chang , U1000,
Ronak Jhaveri, U1000,
Adrian Proca, U1000,
Andrei Proca, Open,
Henry Brunton, Open,
Iurii Kalinin, Open, U1000, U600,
Pranav Kannan, Open,
Christian Wurapa, U1000,
Suhas Goli, U1000,
Sai Khushal Dulam, Open,
Sherzod Soatjonov , U600,
Mason Wu, Open,
Joseph Daiber, U1000,
Reed Swartz, U1000,
Francisco Garabis, U1000,
Johnathan Lee, Open,
Johnathan Lee, Open,
Johnathan Lee, Open,
Johnathan Lee, Open,
Adam Rehan, U1000,