2019 Clinton Elementary Scholastic Chess Tournament

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Saturday, February 16, 2019

Sections: Note that all sections have grade level and rating requirements. Players with more than 10 rated games are not eligible for the non-rated sections. Players in the rated sections must be registered with http://www.uschess.org before the tournament. CCA is also selling discounted USCF memberships to new members and to students whose membership has expired. Players who have won first place in a Nonrated Section for the 2018-2019 school year must play in a rated section.

In non-rated games, notation is not required and clocks are not required but may be used if both players agree. In rated games, notation is optional for grade K-3 players in U500/U900, but a player may lose the right to make claims requiring a score sheet; notation is required for all other rated players. Clocks will be used in all sections with games reaching the time limit. Rated players should bring their own clocks.

Sections                              Time Controls
Open                                        5 rounds G/30, d/5
U900                                       5 rounds G/30, d/5
U500                                       5 rounds G/30, d/5
K-3 non-rated                        5 rounds G/30, d/0
4-6 non-rated                        5 rounds G/30, d/0

8:30 – 8:45 Self-check-in. No section changes after 8:45 AM
8:50 – 8:55 Announcements
9:00 – 10:10 Round 1

Subsequent rounds will start once everyone in the section finishes. Players are scheduled to play all five rounds (no elimination). Estimated end time for non-rated players: 2:30 PM. Estimated end time for U500: 3:30 PM. Estimated end time for U900 and Open: 4:00 PM. Awards will be conducted as sections finish.

Entry Fee: Register at columbuschessacademy.org. $25 for all online registrations until February 9th at 6 PM; thereafter $30 registration fee until 6:00 PM February 15th . Discounted entry fee for students with financial need are available. Please contact columbuschessacademy@gmail.com for more information. No on-site registrations.

USCF discounted membership: $9. No printed magazine, but online access to both Chess Life and Chess Life for Kids. Make checks out to: Columbus Chess Academy.

Mail checks to:
Columbus Chess Academy
c/o Katherine Lin
654 Binns Blvd
Columbus OH 43204

Refunds for withdrawals with $5 administrative fee will be given if requested by 6:00 PM, February 15th . No refunds thereafter.

Awards: Place Trophies awarded based on the number of entrants in each section, participation medals to all new players. Trophies awarded to top 2 teams (school only) in each section. Top 3 scores count for team. Concessions: Concessions will be available on-site for purchase (cash only) Check in: Check-in is from 8:30 AM to 8:45 AM. No section changes after 8:45 AM and no on-site entries.

Directions: Clinton Elementary is located at 10 Clinton Heights, Columbus OH, 43202.
Please park in the parking lot off of East North Broadway or on the street.

Registration Questions and Chief Tournament Director:
Katherine Lin
Email: columbuschessacademy@gmail.com
Phone: 614-746-7682

Tournament Organizer:
Jennifer Lundine
Email: jplundine@gmail.com


Jack Furniss , K-3 non-rated
Jack Hamilton, Open
Seeley Rishel, 4-6 non-rated
Ian Mansur, Open
Allison Share, 4-6 non-rated
Josh Share, K-3 non-rated
Derek Deichert, 4-6 non-rated
Jude Gruber, , K-3 non-rated
Lucio Scardena, , K-3 non-rated
Arisha Johri, 4-6 non-rated
Rachit Aleti, U900
Vincenzo Scardena, 4-6 non-rated
samuel otter, 4-6 non-rated
Pranith Kolli, Open
Manoghna Kolli, U900
Druvin reddy Mutalam, Open
Stefan Young, 4-6 non-rated
Sherzod Soatjonov , U900
Divyasree Paruchuri, U900
Deepthisri Paruchuri, Open
nicholas otter, 4-6 non-rated
Siddharth Sivakumar, 4-6 non-rated
Samhith Yelchuri, U900
Baxter Bruskotter, 4-6 non-rated
Sam Husenits, 4-6 non-rated
Grayson Eckhart , K-3 non-rated
Eliot Jemczura, K-3 non-rated
Edward Cooper, 4-6 non-rated
Charles Cheng, U500
Rishikesh Makineni, Open
Owen Lundine, 4-6 non-rated
Elijah Roher-Smith, K-3 non-rated
Jackson Sweeney, K-3 non-rated
Tyler Rutherford II, K-3 non-rated
Aditya Induri, Open
Advaith Medikonda, 4-6 non-rated
Het Patel, K-3 non-rated
Jayanth Dondapati , U500
Vineeth Dondapati, Open
George Happell, U500
Varun Sriram, 4-6 non-rated
Zhuo Diao, U900
Alester Xiao, U900
Jessica Sun, U500
Arnav Londhe, Open
Dhanvi Basireddy , 4-6 non-rated
Asante Taylor , K-3 non-rated
SirTimothy Cammon, K-3 non-rated
James Chatman , 4-6 non-rated
Jeremy Del Orbe Castillo, 4-6 non-rated
Jeremy Del Orbe Castillo, Open
saisarbeshh kanagasabai, 4-6 non-rated
Adrian Proca, U900
Anton Karachunski, U900
Tianson Guo, K-3 non-rated
Levi Dew, K-3 non-rated
Jae Dew, K-3 non-rated
Colin Park, Open
Benjamin Rider, 4-6 non-rated
Marcello Velasquez, K-3 non-rated
Ian Tong, Open
Chase Chang, K-3 non-rated
Ashton Chang, K-3 non-rated
Caden Coho, 4-6 non-rated
Aryan Kondekar, K-3 non-rated
Soham Sor, K-3 non-rated
James Marinas , Open
Philipp Marinas , K-3 non-rated
Alana Marinas , K-3 non-rated
Owen Wiley, 4-6 non-rated
Evan Wiley, K-3 non-rated
Jackson Wiley, 4-6 non-rated
Ayush Roy, K-3 non-rated
Srikara Pydimarry, K-3 non-rated
Arthur Trittmann, 4-6 non-rated
Sophie Trittmann, K-3 non-rated
Deepak Payyala, U900
David Mowery, 4-6 non-rated
SRIKAR PAYYALA, K-3 non-rated
Adam Patton, 4-6 non-rated
Krish Aravind, K-3 non-rated
Kaian Moses, 4-6 non-rated
Nikhil Arunachalam, 4-6 non-rated
Ari Conn, K-3 non-rated
Jonas Conn, 4-6 non-rated
Abhinav Pullabhotla, Open
Anand Arunachalam, K-3 non-rated
Ave Holowchak, K-3 non-rated
Sparsh Ghodake, Open
Philip Droughton, 4-6 non-rated
Roshan Satiani, U500
Evan Schenck-Chang , U900
Arul Shegaonkar, Open
Naftali Glaser, K-3 non-rated
Cyrus Babai, K-3 non-rated
Elena Earley, 4-6 non-rated
Zavier Earley, K-3 non-rated
Natalie Jungers, U500
Caleb Dew, U500
Srikari Seethiraju, U900
Suhaas Katta, 4-6 non-rated
Rohan Narisetti, 4-6 non-rated
Adyanth Mallur, Open
Yitong Zhang, Open
tristan musgrave, U500
bobby wright, U500
nicholas Jungers, 4-6 non-rated
ashton fitzgerald, U500
Isaac Meske, Open
Nikhil Ganesh, 4-6 non-rated
Aadit Ganesh, K-3 non-rated
Saanvi Basireddy , K-3 non-rated
Ryan wang, U900
Saanvi Bojja, K-3 non-rated
Aydan Kauneckis-Iskrov, 4-6 non-rated
Joshua Weida, 4-6 non-rated
Zane Shkoukani , 4-6 non-rated
Aiden Appiah, K-3 non-rated
Jonathan Cole, K-3 non-rated
Andrei Proca, Open
Joseph Daiber, U900
Joseph Daiber, U500
Sanjana Puli, K-3 non-rated
Jack Philip, 4-6 non-rated
Henry Brunton, Open
Samar Gupta, K-3 non-rated
Arhan Velayutham, K-3 non-rated
Dhruv Kapadia, U500
Pugal Venthan Vijayakumar, 4-6 non-rated